The fox was found and saved, after some time she thought she was a pet

This story started sadly when the fox was trapped and hurt.
The fox could get out of herself from there but her wounds would stay in her body forever.

Once, the wildlife center found the animal in such a condition. They tried to help the poor animal so they managed to do so.

Fortunately, there is a place where the animal could recover but this would last long.
The recovery process took about 1 month. But they could not release her to the wild.

The reason was that she spent a lot of time with people and started to consider herself a pet. So, she could not survive in the wild anymore.

A man called Jeff Greucock heard about this story and decided that the animal could not stay without an owner. So, he would take the fox.

He named her Roxy. Roxy behaved like a domestic dog.
She befriended the animals at the same house and had fun with all of them.

She enjoyed eating dog food and also walking with Jeff’s daughter.
She had good friends. She had everything for happiness. And she enjoyed life the way she could.

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