The fox stole the mother and the dog became the father of the ducklings

This dog who was raised in a castle was from a noble family. The dog was born and now lives in Mountfitchet Castle.
This castle is visited by thousands of tourists. And now the dog guarded the castle.

And he treated everyone with love and care.
Once, he took a small squirrel from the rod and raised it. And the squirrel was living in the castle kitten for some months and then it was released into the wild.

Now a new member appeared in their life. Fred was 10 years old when he became a father.
The duck built a nest for her babies but then the fox took the mother from there.

People were concerned and did not know what to do with the babies because it was hard for them to survive without their mother at such an age. But the dog decided what to do. He gathered the babies and looked after them.

Fred did not leave the babies even for a minute. He did everything for them and was a great father to them.
He already taught the babies how to swim.
Duckling could not live without water so he did this for them. Such an amazing parent.

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