The forester helped a wolf who had fallen into a pit

The forester driving a snowmobile suddenly heard a strange noise. He went to see what it was and found a wolf in a hall.
He understood that the animal could not get himself out and hurried to help him.

The predator was old and it was not easy for him to hunt. So, he came to the forest and started to live there.
It was already a year when one morning the man saw that the animal started to behave strangely. The wolf went to the forest.

The man heard a noise and followed him to understand what he wanted to say.
He took him to the same pit where he was found. Here, the man saw a woman who appeared there and could not get out on her own.

The man hurried to help her. Afterwards, he took her to her house and gave her hot tea.
And a romance started. After some time they got married.

And the predator stayed to live with them forever.

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