The fluffy creature smiled at everyone at the station and she loves being at the center of people’s attention

All passengers are greeted by a fluffy creature in the Israeli station. And no one could pass without any emotion.
The street cat was at the station and appeared at the center of everyone’s attention.

No one wanted to drive the animal away and they were only glad to see the animal there. It seemed that she did her work. The cat later was called Shawarma.

The animal became the sweetest one in that station. All the workers and passengers loved the animal.
‘Once when I returned from work I saw the animal who made me happy, I could not expect to see her but it was a pleasure for me’ said one of the residents.

Shawarma had her favorite place where she usually lies. It seems that she checks all the passengers.
When someone shared her pictures on social media it immediately got popular.

The animal became the star.
Look at her and see how confident she is.

She is used to people’s presence and did her job with great pleasure. Everyone loves her and is waiting to meet her again.

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