The firefighter saved an abused puppy and was left speechless when meet it again

The firefighter named Mike Thawley heard a noise coming from the trees. He finished his work but could not stop thinking about the dog.
So, he decided to return and see what it was. And he was surprised when saw the puppy who was almost dying.

Later, it turned out that the puppy was abused by its owners.
The owners decided to tie him to a tree and leave him there.

The poor animal was covered with sores.
So, the kind man decided to take him home and washed the animal.

He called the animal Chunie and decided to take it to the shelter.
But he could not stop thinking about him.

He knew that the animal was in safe hands and he should not worry. So, he wanted to see him again.
Then he visited the dog and was surprised.

The animal wore a sweater that covered all his wounds.
So, when the dog saw the man hurried to see him and jumped into his arms.

Mike noticed that he had hope and did not lose it.
So, he decided to take the animal forever to his home.

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