The father get a tattoo to match with his son’s birthmark

The man named Derek Prue Sr. made a tattoo to match his son and make him feel confident.
When the father felt that his son was shy of his birthmark and did not take off his t-shirt in the pool he decided to do so.

He was also proud of his model but started to hide it. He was shy of it.
So, I decided to do so to make him feel confident, said the father.

And the process of getting a tattoo lasted 30 hours.
The sketching process lasted 4 hours.

And when the family came back home the father showed his tattoo to everyone.
Now they had the same mark on their body.

The son could not believe in his eyes. But at the same time, he was very happy. He could not imagine that one day his father would do so. Then, he started to compare their marks to each other.

Now the boy is more confident than before. His dad made the right decision.

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