The family was finally reunited with their stolen puppy

Home pets are our inseparable parts. And also it’s hard for us to imagine life after their death. It’s also devastating when they lose.

This family recently lost their lovely dog called Ember. She was an amazing creature and was loved not only by her family but also by all the neighborhood.

And the owners were desperate when their dog was lost.
The family told the police about the case.

After some investigations, they found out that the pet was dognapped.
The family was calm as the case of their animal was in protected hands and the police dealt with it with great attention.

They did not lose the hope of finding the puppy.
Fortunately, the dog was found after 3 days. Also, it became clear who stole the animal.

The dognappers later said that they found the dog when they returned from the hospital. They thought that the pet would help them to feel better.

But the police charged them $12.000 for their act.
Ember was now with her family again. Everyone was happy to see her again.

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