The family wanted to know where does their cat disappeared constantly

The family noticed that their cat often disappeared for a long time and when he returned he did not eat anything.
The cat did not look thin and his fur was shiny. Also, he was so happy.

So, after a while the family decided to find out the reason for his disappearance.
It turned out that he pretended to be a pet in five houses.

The woman called Ifa Makaler said that her cat did not like walking on the street but then something changed.
And then the pet started to ask for a walk and started to disappear for a couple days.

The family put a sensor and it recorded his route.
The woman was surprised by what he saw. The cat ran to 5 houses and then moved on.

Jagger lives in 5 families and pretended to be the part of the.

Surprisingly, the family did not ban him from doing so after knowing what he was doing.
They gave him freedom as he did not do anything wrong.

The cat returned home every time. So, they decided to let him do whatever he wanted.

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