The family took a chimpanzee and wanted to make him human, see the result

This chimpanzee was brought to the family many years ago and was raised as a child. Later, it turned out that scientists wanted to turn the wild animal into a human and implement a Nim project.

A chimpanzee called Nim Chimpsky was given to the scientists who started experimentation. His name was not given by chance.

A scientist named Herbert Torres believed that the animal could not speak. But he tried to teach him words through sign language.

He taught a chimpanzee to eat with a spoon and after some time the animal started to wash dishes. He also kept order in the room.

In 4 years he learned 125 gestures.
But when the process was stopped his vocabulary dropped to 25 gestures.

So, after many years they concluded that the monkey could not turn into a man.
Many scientists criticized his experiment and claimed that the idea could not succeed.

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