The family saved 5 foxes and all were raised by dogs

A farmer suddenly found 5 foxes in the barn. At first, he thought they were kittens whose mothers left them alone.
But then he realized that they were not cats but foxes. And their mom was not there.

The daughter of the man named Gemma was worried about the animal. She was afraid of touching them.
The girl decided to wait for the mother to return to her cubs.

But no one came.
So, the family took the foxes to the shelter. They will stay there till they will be ready to be released into the wild.

After some days, the cub saw Gemma. The cub was attached to her.
Now Gemma raises a pet with a young man named Dan. They called the animal Vixie and treated it like a little child.

This cub was not similar to a fox in its character. She is friendly, joyful, and calm.
The other foxes are not used to humans. So, they are sent to the shelter and will soon be released into the wild.

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