The family saved 5 fox cubs and one of them was raised by dogs

One farmer suddenly found little fox cubs in the barn. At first, he thought they were cats but it was not the case.

Later, he understood they were chanterelles. And the mother was not with them.
The daughter of the man was concerned about the babies’ fate.

So, they decided to wait for the mother to come and take the babies.
A day passed but no one came. So, the family decided to send the cubs to a special shelter.

Here, they would be fed and cared for.
After some days, one fox saw Gemma and everything changed since that moment.

The baby mistook Gemma for her mom and did not want to part with her. In the first period of life, animals remember who they see first.

So, Gemma could not reject the love and decided to take her home. Now they are raising the fox like a pet. They named her Vixie and they treat her like their child.

The fox is not a wild animal at all. Moreover, she is calm and joyful.
But the other cubs were not used to people so they were sent to the shelter and after some time they would be released into the wild.

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