The family proved that this giant poodle is the best friend of their baby

The photo of the little girl and her nannies went viral. No one would expect it but it got many likes and views. After that, her grandmother’s page started to grow as many people started to follow her to see their daily life.


So, she is the owner of the pets and often takes pictures of them and posts them on social media. The huge poodles are the best friends of their children.

The poodles not just pose with the babies but often take care of them. They are like their guardians.
The oldest poodle named Kuo is keeping order and controlling everyone. Riku is Mugi’s best playmate.

It’s very joyful and energetic. Together they are good companions. And the photos that the grandma takes will prove it.
And when you look at these photos you will agree with it.

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