The family got rid of the cat as it was ugly and the children are scared of her

The woman brought the kitten and asked to take it. To justify her act she claimed that her children are scared of it because of her ugly appearance.

The animal had an eye infection. But no one knows how he got it.
The woman said that the disease started suddenly and they were afraid of it.

The woman was very angry and spoke loudly. The shelter staff was shocked by her behavior. The woman was also sure that they would be glad as she did not put it to sleep.

Now the cat named Candy is living at the shelter. The cat is very affectionate and enjoys being surrounded by kind people. She could not understand why the owner acted like this to her.

The cat is very cute but it was hidden under her infected eyes. Most probably, the infection already affected her vision.

The shelter staff is sure that once she finds a caring family and permanent home.
But she is now everyone’s favorite at the shelter.

Let’s hope that soon her dream will come true and she will get everything she deserves.

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