The family discovered two adorable baby cats in the boat that they bought

After buying a boat and even transferring the purchase to their hometown the family members found two small kittens in it. The family gave them names: Pistachio and Raisins.

As the kittens were yet too small and needed extra care, the family took them to the shelter and they later got a foster mom to take care of them.

Apparently, they were nine days old when discovered in the boat, with yet unopened eyes, and were very weak. Luckily, with the help of the foster mom who fed the kittens with the special mixture for baby cats, the recovery happened quickly. Their foster parent provided all-day-long care thus fastening the recovery process.

Two-week-old Pistachio and Raisins were still underweight but were steadily getting better and stronger. Soon both kittens were already getting to know their surroundings. They weighed 137 grams and 121 grams respectfully at this age.

Take a look at this precious moment of one of the kittens hugging the foster mom:

As the kittens grew older and got stronger, the family that discovered them in the boat adopted both.

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