The family built a moving bed to take their pet to the beach

Old dogs could not be as active as young ones.
This dog called Cocoa enjoyed the holidays with his family. But at such an age it was hard for him to be powerful.

But this family did not give up on their lovely place.
So, Tom together with his wife made a moving bed for the animals so he also could be with them on their lovely beach.

So, they created a mechanical bed for Cocoa.
This story spread widely when one woman noticed this family on the beach. She noticed happiness in the eyes of the dog.

So, she captured the family and posted the pictures on the internet.
This post became popular and was shared thousands of times.

People who knew the story praised the family for their love and attention.
The family created all comfortable conditions for the dog to live for the rest of his life.

Recently, the dog passed away. But the family was glad as they could see the dog happy in the last days of his life.
Due to this caring family, this dog felt love and care.

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