The family adopted the old dog who had health problems and provided him with the best last days

When you have a pet you should take care of it forever.
But many animal owners do not understand this and give their pets to others when they get older.

This dog had some problems when she turned 15 years old so the owners took her to the shelter.
Despite her problems. The shelter staff decided to help her find new owners and spend the rest of her life with them.

The dog was so depressed after all this happened to her. Now it would be even more difficult to find owners at such an age. Not everyone is ready to face the challenges of animals.

But she was lucky enough to find a perfect family. One of the doctors heard about the case and decided to adopt Netty.
The woman recently lost her pet who had cancer. She did her best to save the animal but everything was in vain.

Amy promised to give her the best life. Now Netty is in safe hands.

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