The extremely rare panda was captured by the camera for the 1st time in China

This predator won everyone’s attention of its special color. Its relatives are in black but it was different from them with its pure white.

The albino panda was once noticed in Sichuan province. The animal was full of energy and did not have any health problems.
Doctors find this special phenomenon devoted to their mother.

Albinism is a lack of pigmentation in the skin.
And this is a curse for the animals.

Their color depends on their lifestyle.
For instance, rabbits change their color in winter to be able to hide in the snow.

But Albion often die at a young age as they could not hide and became victims of the predators. So, the enemies easily notice them.
Pandas eat bamboo and plants.

But biologists did not expect to see them in good health.
That was a good surprise for them.

So, the white color had a bad effect on their survival.
And this panda was once captured and shown on social media.

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