The elephant remembered the vet who looked after him

It was a heartwarming meeting. After twelve years, an elephant ran into the doctor who had treated him.

Dr. Maneeon was surprised to run into an elephant he had cared for twelve years before. Plai Thang, who is a 31-year-old, was gravely ill. He was suffering from a number of ailments and had a slim chance of surviving. He was attempting to stand on his feet by eating or drinking anything.

The elephant was rushed to the Forest Industry Organisation, where he was healed for several months by Dr. Maneeon.

After his recovery, he was returned to the wild, where he was discovered.

And the veterinarian went to explore the region at the start of this month when he ran into an old friend.

Even though the doctor didn’t expect the already grown-up elephant to remember him, he waved nevertheless. When the elephant remembered the vet who looked after him, he went out of his way to express his gratitude once more.

The cameras caught the moment he reaches for his nose to greet his rescuer.
And the doctor went on to say that he identified the elephant by its sound.

“I vividly recall his distinct voice. Plai Thang was quite angry when we first met because he was unable to defend himself against other elephants. We did know, though, that he was a brave and clever man.

And our meeting was a fantastic experience. I’d like to inspire each one of you to be grateful for everyone who helps the animals.”

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