The elephant now cuddles with his friend every day

We sometimes hear stories about an amazing friendship among animals. And this story is worth knowing.

The hero is named Giorro, a baby elephant. When he was so little he fell. At that time, her family was looking for a new place to live. So, Giotto was left alone.

He could not survive but he turned out to be lucky. One of the residents named David Sheldrick saved the baby. The baby was shifted to an animal shelter.

The same day, an ostrich came to the shelter called Pia. And from the first moment, they loved each other. They became friends and now spend all their time together.

All the workers were amazed by seeing this friendship. They were always together and ready to help each other. It was an amazing connection.

The shelter workers treat them well. And soon they will be ready for release into the wild.
The poor elephant lost its family but turned out to be lucky to find such a friend.

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