The elderly labrador took the newborn cat

Morgan Mackenzie suddenly heard a strange noise. The farmer approached and found a small cat.
But did not want to take him as he was sure that the cat would return.

But before going to bed he again checked the log and the animal was still there. It was obvious that the poor animal needed help and the woman decided to let him hime.

It seemed that the baby was about a few days old. The animal was blind but wanted to eat.
The woman called her Polly. She washed her as her coat was full of fleas.

The dog came to the bathroom.
Morgan loved the animal from the very first moment.

The animal was happy with such an attitude.
When the cat heard the footsteps of the dog she went towards him despite the fact that she was blind.

After some time, Polly finally saw her friend and their bond became even stronger.
Now the baby turned 5 months old and Pacton was already 13 years old. They are best friends.
The dog had incredible patience and deal with all ant and endured everything that the small pet does.

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