The dying patient had to leave the dog alone as she did not have anyone

The kind nurse took care not only of the patient but also of her loyal dog.
The nurse got to know her lovely dog while looking after her.

From the patient’s words, it was obvious how she loves him. But Jax would stay alone after her death as she did not have anyone to trust him.

So, the dog appeared in the shelter and there was a risk that he would be euthanized.
Still felt that she should help him.

So, I decided to get the dog, she said.
She wanted to take him from the shelter and found a caring family for him.

And she couldn’t imagine that a perfect home would be next to her.
So, when he met the dog she could not part with him.

She loves Jax and decided to adopt him forever.
And it would be the last kindness for the patient that she looked after for so long.

She took Jax home and introduced him to her other dog. They became friends very quickly and she was happy to see such a friendship.

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