The dream of an old woman came true

When the woman named Martha Tucker got married she had one dream that was to wear a wedding dress.

But they thought that their love did not deserve any celebration as they were black.
These people are forbidden. And it was believed that they are not equal to white ones.

So, the couple was married without a wedding dress and all because of such beliefs.
And Martha wanted to wear a dress and hold her beloved man’s hand.

The dream remained for many years.
After many years she told her granddaughter about her dream.

And the granddaughter decided to make her dream come true.
She booked a bridal salon for her granda.

So, when the grandma entered the salon she saw the wedding dress with her name.
She had mixed emotions at that time. She was both touched and happy.

It was obvious from her appearance how happy she was.

The granddaughter confesses that her grandma had even more energy than she did.
She was lucky to help her dream come true.

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