The dolphin came back with presents from the ocean

Dolphins sometimes miss communication with people. And this story is something about this.
Here, one of the dolphins even started to bring presents to people to win their attention. That was corals, bottles, etc.

There is a cafe in Tin Can Bay, where 7 dolphins always swim.
The dolphin called Mystique came there with presents.

He rarely did it but now he started to do it every day.
He brings many different things from the bottom of the sea.

And the owner of the cafe takes every time whatever he brings and makes him happy. Now he had a collection of sea gifts.
The activists say that no one teaches him this. People think that in that way he wants to show that he missed people.

Mystique wants to clear the water in that way.
One of the experts says that they have a complex culture and understanding their behavior is a hard thing.
It could be that he wants to get people’s attention but also he could try to entertain himself in such a way.

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