The dogs were rejected by everyone because of their imperfection but the woman gave them a chance

The owners of these dogs did not want to keep them any longer. The dog has missing one eye.
But then everything changed when they were given to a new family.

The dogs were born with the disease because of the bacterial infection that the mother had during the pregnancy. The owners decided to get rid of them because of this. And they would be taken for euthanasia.

But this family decided to adopt them.
And they loved the dogs and found that this uniqueness made them even more lovable.

The family covered all the costs of operation. Fortunately, everything was well and they will soon be recovered. Now they enjoy their new life that was even better than the previous one.


Moreover, the new family was very happy to have them as they are full of life and joy.
They could not understand how the previous owners decided to get rid of them.
The woman found that their uniqueness made them even better.

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