The dogs started to take care of the orphaned cat

Cats are amazing creatures. But surviving for them is not an easy thing. Kittens are very defenseless creatures who are left alone in the world.

The baby was found on the street and it was wounded and could not even walk. Kind people took her to the hospital.

The baby named Peggy was only weighing 200 grams. But she proved that she is a strong creature. She started to eat normally and gradually gained weight.

The volunteer called Kate took the animal home and introduced her to her dog named Moon.
The dog looked after the cat and protected her.

It seemed that Moon had some maternal instincts to her.
The cat was missing a paw but she was a very active and affectionate creature.

He enjoys spending time and playing with Moon.
Soon, she will look for permanent owners, and let’s hope that everything will be good with her.

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