The dogs endangered their lives to save the sleeping baby

The dogs did not allow the cobra to enter the house where the baby was sleeping.
The one-year-old baby called Sky was sleeping when the snake appeared in their garden.

In the footage, you can see how the dog rushed to the snake and started to bark. The second one attacked and grabbed a cobra.

The cobra wanted to crawl away from there.
After a fight, the snake died. One of the dogs also died because of the injuries.

It was one of the most dangerous snakes on the planet. The other dog thankfully survived but one of her eyes was badly injured.

The father of the girl said that they were at work when this happened.
When they returned home, the assistant told them what happened. They also watched the cameras. They were shocked but at the same time very proud of their loyal dogs.

‘We will miss Miley a lot, but we are thankful to her for saving our baby’ they said.

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