The doggies stayed with his wounded friend till the end

This story proves that animals have no less feelings of love than humans.
The German Shepherd was badly injured so she could not move.

So, she stayed on the highway. And her friend Murphy stayed behind her all the time. He stayed with his friend till help arrived.
The dogs stayed there for some hours. Many drivers noticed them but no one wanted to help.

Soon, one kind driver stopped and helped them.
The man called the rescuers’ team.

The volunteers who came were sure that her condition was serious and that she had little chance to survive.
Marley was barely breathing.

Murphy was nervous in its turn and did not want to leave his friend.
Marley underwent an examination in the hospital. The examination showed that she would have 11 babies.

Fortunately, all puppies were healthy. Murphy proved his love and loyalty. He did not leave them even for a while.
Soon, new owners adopted them. And they were sent to their new home.

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