The dog with heart cancer looked after the abandoned poor animals

The dog named Gypsy started to look after the animals who are abused.
She had heart problems and took the responsibility of being a mother.

She did not stop and continued taking new babies under her care.
Gypsy was adopted many years ago from the street. The owner found her from the shelter.

She was used to the wildlife and was scared of living at home.
But then she relaxed and proved to everyone that she was a kind creature.

The owner often took abused animals and the dog looked after them like her own babies.
She does everything for them.

Gypsy had heart cancer and last year she underwent an operation.
She is now under control but she continued looking after the babies.

Now she is feeling well but she has not recovered yet.
The owners are proud of their dog.
The man found a puppy on the street but it turned out to be a wild animal

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