The dog who saw the girl was in a panic and hurried to help her

The abandoned dog fondant owner for himself.
And that was due to the kindness that he showed toward the strange girl.

The dog called Picasso was found on the street by the staff of the animal shelter.
He did not have a collar and no one wanted to take him.

When they were walking their dogs they noticed Picasso sitting on the road.
He moved to the strange and tried to calm her down.

Picasso supported her and she started to recover. And if he was not there her face would hit the ground.
So, Abby started to pet him and her panic gradually receded.

She felt protected and then came back home with her mom.
She could not forget about the dog. And when she came back Picasso rushed to hug her again.

So, she understood that she could not leave him alone and that she should take him with her.
I am happy to find you.

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