The dog who can’t walk is friends with the pigeon that can’t fly

Landy is a very unusual dog. He needed a close friend and luckily got one and their bond is now unbreakable.

Unfortunately, Landy is not able to walk like any other dog. He was diagnosed with a disease called congenital paw disorder. A charitable foundation was taking care of him. The foundation mainly focused on helping animals like him that have some disabilities.

In the center, Landy found someone who is a perfect friend for him and it was a pigeon. The pigeon’s name was German and both had a lot of similarities.

The bird had an illness and couldn’t fly because its wings were injured. German and Landy quickly became friends, which caught everyone in the foundation in surprise. Undoubtedly, this truly was a unique friendship.

The employees made a comfortable bed for the pigeon and the dog. Both of them were very happy to be able to be close with one another.

Landy and German obviously loved each other’s company. They cuddled with one another and German even gently patted Landy with its head. Though both animals had health issues, their friendship could be viewed as the best cure.

The two of them are certainly very lucky to have one another. Usually, animals with disabilities suffer a lot and experience many unpleasant pitfalls in their life.

However luckily for them, due to the staff at the center, Landy and German can fully enjoy living.

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