The dog went to the salon with his mother and sat down like a human

Once Brittany Taylor went to her hairdresser and told her friend about the pet named Luka.
Brittany told everyone how amazing a dog she had.

She also had 3 pets but Luka was the most foolish one.
When she comes back home after a long absence, Luka hugs her and does not want to part away.

The baby is joyful and always licks the faces of all family members.
When the hairdresser learned about the dog, she wanted to see Luka as she also adored animals.

So, convince Brittany to bring the pet for the next time.
When Luka came she was a little bit nervous when the girl was getting his owner’s hair done but then everything changed.

All customers were happy to see him in the salon. Many of them babysit the dog.
After Brittany did her hair, they decided to do the same with Luka.

Luka’s hair was looking good and the hairdresser only pretended to do so. What’s surprising was that he sat down like a human and waited for the hairdresser to finish.

Everyone was amazed by seeing this. So, he made them happy and the hairdresser hoped that he would often visit them with Brittany.

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