The dog was thrown on the street

A rottweiler was suddenly found on the street. No one knows why it appeared there and who did it. And the news of his discovery was shared on social media.

The dog was young and playful, but also very hungry.
Many people could not stay indifferent and feed the poor animal.

They brought food to it, and the dog accepted it with great pleasure.
A red rag was found near the dog, and the dog did not move away from it.

Most probably, it was a bed for sleeping and resting. And he always keeps it.
Everyone was afraid of taking it from him.

Community workers also look for professionals who would act with aggressive animals.
They shared a post and many people responded to it. Others suggested their help.

But the animal was taken by one of the activists who knows the characteristics of the breed.
Now, he will deal with the future of this animal.

Let’s hope that soon he will be ready to be adopted.

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