The dog was the happiest as she was entrusted to raise cats

This big dog was from Southern California.
The family adopted her many years ago.

But all this time the poor animal was sad as she did not have anyone to look after.
The owners said that Ozi has a high sense of responsibility and he wants not only to protect but babysit as well.

Ozi is living with an ordinary family with their ordinary lifestyle. The couple had 3 children and the youngest one was 5 years old and no longer needed any care.

The old cat named Norm loves sleeping in the sun. The animal would like to play with children but how would parents entrust their kids to the dog?

The owner also jokes that if robbers would break into their home, Ozi would bring them slippers and tea instead of protecting the house.

But then finally her dream came true. A stray cat named Vinya came to their territory.
After some time, she gave birth to 5 babies and Ozi became the happiest.

Vinya was only happy sharing her duties with Ozi. Ozi was very careful with the babies and did everything for them.
And finally, her dream came true.

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