The dog was diagnosed with a tumor and how he enjoys the last days of her life by taking a fresh air

This is an amazing story about a friendship between a girl and a dog.
April adored Libra and they spent all their day together.

At that time Libra met her friend named Maxwell. Libra was a joyful and kind creature and everyone in the family adored her. But then something bad happened.

The dog underwent an examination and it turned out that she had a tumor. The doctors were sure that she did not have much time to live.

April together with her family was ready to do everything for their dog but they were powerless. Everything they have left to do is to make her happy in the last days of her life.

The family knew that she loved traveling by car. So, they decided to arrange a long trip for her to get some fresh air. And that would be her last trip.

Fortunately, she had the most caring family who did their best to make her happy.

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