The dog was desperate when the family abandoned her but she found another kind of owners

The owner of the dog named Kona moved to another city and the pet was left alone. One of the neighbors noticed the poor creature and started to feed her.

All this went on for some months until the staff of the rescue center learned about the case.
When they came to see the animal they found a dirty one.

But the animal was scared of people who wanted to approach her. She also wanted to run and hide.

It took more than an hour to gain her trust. The poor creature needed love and attention.
She underwent an examination and behaved calmly during the process.

After throwing away her dirty fur she turned out to be an amazing dog.
After some time, she started to feel even better.

She somehow became used to the volunteers.
After a week, she managed to find a new family.

The married couple adopted her. They had children who loved the pet from the very first moment. Now they will look after the pet and give her lots of love and care.

Animals deserve the best. And this poor creature was lucky enough to find another caring family after being abandoned by her faster owners.

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