The dog was desperate after losing her puppy and then saved 4 another dog’s babies

The dog, together with her owner, was desperate after losing her baby.
And because of this the mother Perry refused to eat anything.

Perry did not eat anything for a very long time as she was depressed.
The next day, the owner got a call from the vet and asked if they would like to adopt newborn puppies.

The owner of these newborns wanted to euthanize them but Perry could not let this happen.
The woman agreed to take them and showed them to Perry.

She was concerned if Perry would accept them but she was wrong.
When Perry saw the babies everything had changed.

She started to be active and joyful again.
She fed them and was very careful.

So, this was the best decision the owner made.
She was a real mother to the babies and did everything that she did not manage to do for her babies,
Now they all are happy.

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