The dog was considered to be the best employee in the pub and all visitors loved him

The dog who was working in the pub adores his job and also has his badge.
‘I thought that the owners of the pub would not like this idea, but I was mistaken’ said Katherine.

The dog came to work in 2020 when the owner asked the boss to bring him there. As the dog was not a huge size, the boss gave his permission for this. And it was a great decision as he became the favorite of all visitors.

But the dog sometimes forgets to serve and steals shoes from the visitors.
‘One day, he took £550 from my bag and it was fun to chase him.

He loved being chased and also wanted to be in the center of everyone’s attention. And everyone was already used to it’ said Katherine.

He also engages the customers to play with him.
Many regular customers bring him to their table.

Begbie sometimes falls asleep in the pub.
Children also like playing with him.

And many of them asked their parents to visit the pub so they could see him.
He had many followers on social media. And his owner often shares funny pictures of him.

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