The dog was born without a neck and butt and is look like a cartoon character

This dog called Copper is among those who were born with a very rare syndrome. Such animals are so rare.
Due to his look, he is more similar to a cartoon character than a dog.

Because of his syndrome, he could not move his head and had to look only directly.
Despite all of this he is very attractive in his special way.

And the couple named Andy and Ellie Cooper chose him especially.
Keegans are animal lovers and they already had 3 dogs.

Few people thought that he could survive.
The animal could not stand on its feet at all because of its worms.

But thanks to the shelter workers they could get him out.
Unfortunately, he fell badly when he came to the family and his spine was injured in 5 places.

Two months later he showed that something hurt him. So, it became obvious that he already had a bone infection.
Now they treat him with antibiotics.

He also underwent a spinal operation. And after that, it was much easier for him to walk.
He is a sociable animal and is always at the center of everyone’s attention.

It’s not a secret that many animals are euthanized after birth with such syndrome. But fortunately, this dog has a caring family and permanent home.

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