The dog walked about 3000 miles to return home

Collie dogs are so connected to the family where they live. They are popular for their loyalty. And these dogs could overcome miles, cold, and hunger to be with their family.

This happened in the 1920s.
The owners of the dog sometimes went to their relatives and took him with them.

And during these trips, some stray dogs scared him and he ran away.
The family lost the dog. They looked for him for a long time but their efforts were in vain.

The owners lost their hope of seeing him again. But they were wrong.
One day he returned home. He walked about 3000 miles to come back.

This made him famous. Later, the family found out how he wandered among the streets.
But this exhausting journey made his health worse.

This story will always be remembered in their city. There is also a statue of the loyal dog who passed thousands of miles to reach his family.

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