The dog waited for the owner and did not know that he was died

The loyal dog called Toto did not want to go far away from the hospital. He stayed there for about a week. He was waiting for his owner and did not even know that he did not come. His relatives forget about the pet.

He did not leave the entrance door of the hospital. His photos also appeared on social media and the humane society decided to look after the poor animal.

As the relatives of his owners did not want to look after him, it was decided to find new owners for him.
So, the new owners should be very careful so that it does not run out.

Otherwise, he would return to the same place again and wait for his owner.
So, the human rights activists finally managed to take the dog from the hospital.

It was very hard but they did it.
Now he is ready for sterilization. But before that, he was examined by doctors.

Labradors are considered to be the most loyal animals in the world. So, those who adopt them are very lucky as they will never feel alone. These dogs are always ready to endanger their lives for their owners.

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