The dog took the little cats under her wing till they started to talk with people

Many kind people help animals in hard situations.
But sometimes even pets are ready to do so. And the same happened with this woman.

Asa Shibuya always helps homeless animals.
During the years she helped about 200 cats.

And during all this time her loyal dog called Kona helped her.
When the woman brought new residents the dog became interested in them and took the role of being a nanny.

Kona wants babies to feel protected in the new environment.
Now the dog looks after these little cats named Blair and Chester.

They were scared and did not want to contact anyone. They were afraid to even of the woman.
But they gradually became connected to Kona.

Soon he started to trust the new owner. The dog started to play and sleep with them.
And this was how the dog affected all the animals that the woman brought home.

But it was hard for them to part with the animals later.
After rescuing the pets the woman found them, new families.
Such a helpful job. She aims to help poor animals find loving owners.

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