The dog took the baby and dragged her and the owner did not know how to thank the animal

The woman was alone at home with her daughter called, Asala.
During the night she heard the loud barking of their dog called Sasha.

Lantana was worried about the dog’s barking and she started to panic. She understood that something happened as it was not typical of their pet’s behavior.

When she opened the door to see the dog she saw that black smoke was pouring into the neighboring house. And that came closer to their house.

And everything that Sasha did won everyone’s attention.
Sasha grabbed the baby and took her to a safe place.

So if Sasha did not warn about this the family could not survive.
Sasha came to the family when Masa was born. And they formed a special bond.

Many people consider pit bulls as fighting dogs and aggressive but that’s not the case. This proves that they are loyal friends and wonderful pets.

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