The dog suddenly fell into the water while walking near the poor and another dog came to help

The couple came home and found their dog wet.
After checking the cameras they hurried to praise their second dog.

She saved the little dog who accidentally appeared in the pool.
The pool was too large and deep.

The house camera was looking straight at it. So, thanks to it the couple understood what happened. So, they saw how the dog appeared in the pool while walking near it.

And he could not get it out.
Fortunately, the second dog was nearby.


He ran to the pool and tried to help the dog. It was not an easy job.
But finally, he managed to pull him out.

It was not easy but the second dog tried her best to do so. So, the overall operation lasted 34 minutes.

Now the family treats him very carefully. And the pool now has its fence.
The kind dog saved her friend. Without her, the poor creature would die.

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