The dog stayed on the street for three years and no one even noticed him

I helped many abandoned animals for a very long time and saw a lot. But I was shocked when I saw this. Jack lived on the street for 3 years. He was near people but no one noticed him. No one even reported to the shelter that Jack needs help.

Anya got home in the township. And she immediately noticed Jack who was in an awful condition.
She started to look for people who could help Jack.

Residents say that the dog used to have owners. But when he got sick, the owners got rid of him and he appeared on the street. No one knows how he could survive this long.

Most probably, his desire to live helped him to survive.
They took him to the doctor and examined him.

According to the doctors, the dog has a low chance to survive. Also, they had to remove his eyes.
So, Jack had to undergo a detailed examination.

Now. he lives with Anya’s family. Although this is temporary, now he is at least safe.

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