The dog stayed at the shelter for a long time and then found a home

The dog named Higgins met 6 families but no one of them wanted to adopt him. He stayed at the shelter for about 2,381 days and hoped that soon someone would be interested in him. The owner of the shelter did not give up.

She aimed to find him home as he deserved to have a family. The dog ended up at the shelter when he was a puppy, after some time he was adopted but returned after a year.

And he stayed there for a long time and no one wanted to take him. People wanted to adopt puppies more than a year old.
He had a worried gaze and it caused people to look for another dog. After some time, Brendon Reed came to the shelter to adopt him.

The workers of the shelter were amazed by this.
Reed saw the dog on social media and decided to save his life.

The dog was happy as soon he would be adopted. Now, he has his own backyard where he can play and enjoys his time. Reed and Higgins shared a special connection and were made for each other. Thanks to the man, Higgins now had a home.

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