The dog started to dig in the ground and found a treasure

The couple was walking with their dog when the pet started to behave unusually and dig in the ground.

So, they decided to check the reason why he did so.
Soon, rust appeared from the ground but it did not look like a mouse.

The family was not in a good financial condition right now and at that time they were discussing selling a part of their land.

So, the dog started to dig the ground.
The couple was worried about his behavior. So, they were interested in what the dog found.

John found that the animal smelled like a mouse under the ground.
After some minutes a rusty metal appeared which most probably stayed there for several years.

There was a jar with coins.
John checked it with a metal detector. So, they found cans in the same place.

The coins are about 100 years old and it is valued at about $10 million. So, this solved the family’s financial problems. They were thankful to their pet for this.

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