The dog slept on the man’s shoulder who saved him

A man named Anand Raman noticed a poor dog while visiting his sister.
He hid under the car and ate his last food given by workers.

The dog was in awful condition.
But then an unexpected thing happened.

When the dog saw Anand it seemed that he knew Anand and came closer to him.
But it was the first time they met.

The man also had some warm feelings and could not leave him there.
Anand took him to the car and he jumped into it without hesitation.

The dog also put his head on his shoulder and slept.
The man was amazed by his behavior. He never got this much warmth from an animal.

So, the homeless dog found a friend.
It was the first time that he calmly fell asleep.

It turned out that his fur was black because of dirt.
He cleaned the dog and it turned out to be a white one.

They called the dog Snowy.
The dog has lived in the family for 2 years.
During this time it became inseparable from the owner. They were always together.

The man now had a true friend and was thankful to his fate for this.

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