The dog rescued a cat and they became best friends

This stray cat was welcomed in a permanent home and had a new companion.
Morgan, the owner of 5 puppies, did not have any intention to obtain a new pet. So, she was amazed when this little cat came into her life.

A few months ago, Morgan hears some meows coming from the outside.
We wanted to call for her but it did not appear. So, we took one of your cats and it immediately found her. She was under a tree stump.

‘We were worried as we are from the place where foxes often came’ said Morgan. The poor creature could not see anything as she was blind.

They named her Polly. Then, the dog called Paxton heard her squeaks and came to see her.
The giant dog loved the cat from the very first moment and started to look after him.

The cat stopped crying. She hugged the dog and slept.
So, Pax became her companion and best friend.
Although the baby became older, Pax continues to take care of it.

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