The dog remembered his owner and could not stop crying

The man was working enough and managed to rent a good house. Then, he adopted a dog and spends his free time with it.

The dog was my best friend, said the man. The dog is always with the man when he is sad or angry.

Everything was well until the man felt depressed. The man had to pay money for his loved one’s cure. Then he lost his job and was removed elsewhere to live.

So, the man had to give his pet to his friend. The dog now had problems getting used to the new owner. At first, he did not eat anything. Only after 3 months did he become used to the new environment.

And when his owner came back to see him it was a very touching moment. His reaction made the owner cry. The dog also could not hide his tears and hurried to hug him.

They showed their true feelings to each other. The man also felt guilty for leaving his dog. But let’s hope that soon they will be reunited forever.

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