The dog ran to the mother’s room and convinced her to follow him

The family adopted a dog named Duke. Duke did not know what it meant to live in a family, and when he was adopted he expressed his gratitude to the family.

A girl called Harper was born in that family.
So, the dog became her protector.

One night when everyone was calmly sleeping the animal came to the mother’s room and climbed on her bed.
He woke up the mother.

The dog could not calm down.
He did not obey the mother so soon she understood that something was wrong.

So, the animal led them somewhere.
So, when the parents followed him they came to their daughter’s room.

The child was not breathing.
So, they took the baby to the hospital where she was barely saved.

The dog calmed down only by knowing that everything was good with the girl.
The worst could happen if Duke did not do so.

They are thankful to him for being such a loyal friend.

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